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Legal Fees

The remuneration of the Law Firm is agreed upon individually with the Client before commencing work. The amount of the remuneration is impacted by the time spent on a given assignment, the type and the level of difficulty of every matter, as well as the form of cooperation.

The Law Firm may provide services on the basis of:

  1. FLAT-RATE REMUNERATION. Flat-rate remuneration is applied for the performance of a particular assignment, agreed in advance with the Law Firm. This method is applied in the case of single legal advice, in cases requiring representation in court, and in the case of legal services provided on a regular basis. An advantage of this method of settlement is the Client’s comfort, since the Client is aware of the amount of the remuneration due to the Law Firm before the commencement of the cooperation and, as a rule, the remuneration remains unaltered throughout the whole assignment.

  2. HOURLY RATE. Calculated according to a given hourly rate and the time devoted to the performance of a given task by a lawyer. The settlement of the working time is presented on a monthly basis in the form of a table, constituting an appendix to the invoice. The working time is calculated in the decimal format, with the minimum billing unit of 10 minutes.

  3. REMUNERATION ON A MIXED BASIS. This form of remuneration consists in establishing a flat-rate remuneration with the defined number of hours in combination with settlement based on the hourly rate for works exceeding the number of hours covered by the flat-rate remuneration. The cost of working hours established in this way is lower than the cost of working hours without a flat rate. The Law Firm maintains a register of working hours and informs the Client of exceeding the established number of hours covered by the flat rate. 

  4. SUCCESS FEE. In this case the Client is obliged to pay the Law Firm a lower basic remuneration, which is paid without regard to the results of the work done by the Law Firm. In the event of a better result of the case conducted by the Law Firm, the Law Firm is entitled to a bonus that has been negotiated with the Client in advance. This solution is applicable in cases of a considerable legal risk and great uncertainly as regards the result, which may bring the Client significant benefits in the case of a positive outcome.


Detailed information on the proposal of cooperation and settlements may be provided during a personal meeting or in a reply to a request for proposal.